New Games Coming to Nintendo Next Year

In the E3 convention, there are a lot of signs that Nintendo is going to look good in the coming years.

The biggest rumored game console, the Nintendo NX, will unfortunately not be disclosed in the E3 convention but there are still a lot of things to look forward to heading to 2017.

The Nintendo NX will surely be released next year but there are still no new games announced heading to the E3 2016 event. But, during the convention, a lot of companies are already making games for the upcoming Nintendo game console.

Ubisoft just announced that they are going to release a Just Dance game for the Nintendo NX that will be slated to release when the game console comes.

The game will be called “Just Dance 2017” and it has some of the best pop soundtracks in it. Some of the soundtracks in the game are Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Sorry”; Fifth Harmony’s “Worth it”; Equinox Stars’ “September”; Ultraclub 90’s “What is Love?”, and so much more!

According to Ubisoft, Just Dance 2017 will have 40 soundtracks available in the base game and there will be a lot of updates to it and they will add more soundtracks in the future.

There is another game that made fans giddy in the E3 2016 event and that is the Monster Hunter Generations: Astalos. This is an entirely new game and it will be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

Capcom is mum about the details but they did show a trailer of the game in the event. The game looks promising and the graphics look stunning. It also showcased some of the new weapons and armor that can be crafted in the game.

Monster Hunter is one of the best adventure games out there because of its emphasis on crafted gear. A lot of people have put on a lot of hours just to hunt for specific monsters and getting the materials necessary for crafting some really powerful equipment.

Capcom didn’t disclose when the game will be released. It could either be released later this year or next year (probably when the new Nintendo NX game console will be released). I guess we will have to stay tuned for more updates in the future.

And the current headlines when it comes to Nintendo’s new games is none other than the Legend of Zelda game. The new Legend of Zelda game will be spearheading the pack when the Nintendo NX game console will be finally released in March 2017.

The title of the Legend of Zelda game was still not disclosed but Nintendo gave us a glimpse of the game. The game is a crossover between cell-shaded and 3D graphics. For me, I am always a fan of cell-shaded graphics because it just looks absolutely amazing. And, it will really complement a game like Legend of Zelda.

The new Legend of Zelda game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U and the new Nintendo NX game console in 2017.

E3 2016 is still running and we are hoping for more incredible news from the entertainment company.