If you have been trying to get pregnant for years and have not been succeeding in your attempts, the lower levels of HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin in your body could be a strong reason behind it. While many people tend to blame lifestyle patterns and genetic disorders to be the main culprits behind the high rate of infertility in women, the fact is that hormonal imbalances are one of the major reason behind the high rate of infertility in women in the country.

Understanding what is HCG

HCG which is the abbreviated form of Human chorionic gonadotropin is actually a hormone which is found in both males and females. While the hormone is responsible for improving the sperm count and production of testosterone in males, in females this is responsible for the stimulation and release of the egg during the period of ovulation. Thus to treat cases of female infertility, doctors prescribe the usage of HCG injections that elevates the levels of HCG hormone in the body thereby causing the woman’s ability to ovulate and conceive increase manifolds.

Thus, by taking the HCG injections, a woman who had not been able to conceive for years can increase the chances of conceiving provided there is no additional complication that has been causing the infertility

How to take HCG injections

HCG injections are taken into the muscle or under the skin. It is wise that you do not try self injecting yourself with these injections and should be seeking expert support in doing so. Your doctor or the local pharmacist would be able to help you with the injections. Ideal dosage of the injection would be once or twice a week, however, the same would be decided by your doctor depending on your health and criticality your condition.

Things to be aware of

As you start the course of taking HCG injections, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to that and tell him if you have any of the below mentioned conditions where you

  • Suffer from any chronic allergy
  • Suffer from periodic seizures
  • Suffer from migraine pains
  • Have a chronic problem with asthma
  • Have any cardiac or kidney related disease
  • Have a cyst in the ovary
  • Enter into puberty early

There are certain conditions that do not recommend the usage of HCG injections and if your doctor finds it suitable for your overall health only then will he prescribe the injections to you.

Apart from using the injections, increasing the levels of HCG in human body can also be done by means of drops. However, studies show that the usage of HCG shots have given far better results and that is why this is the preferred mode for most doctors and medical practitioners in the country and round the world. With very limited side effects, the HCG injection opens the gate to the world of motherhood for the women as she gets pregnant after years of trying. The injections do not come at very expensive rates and usually would cost you nothing more than $200 a month depending on the dosage as prescribed by your doctor.