Understanding the Major functions of the R4i cards

Whenever the individuals have a regular habit of playing the different types of games on the famous video gaming consoles, it is definitely the best experience to all. In order to enhance your game play experience more and more, everyone is recommended going for the r4i cards which are all known as the memory cartridges to store the games, software and all other items for your gaming needs. It is definitely an amazing and incomparable device similar to the original cart size.

Know more about R4i cards:

R4i is itself the complete and best product that will definitely ensure every player to get the complete satisfaction. Once the gamers have possessed this best kind of product, you just don’t need to buy any other type of additional components for your game play. At the same time, the players don’t need to deal with any confused software product because it is really very clear and easy to use this R4i system or card for your amazing game play.

It is definitely true and advanced range of media enhancer in order to give the best type of game play experience to everyone. In the simple word, this card or system is highly necessary peripheral for the regular life of the frequent console gamers. When considering the important functions of the R4i card or system for the console games, they include

The R4i card has the best ability to store or also remember the previously operated game once you have restarted the soft reset or the computer.

For the longer standby time and also power saving time, this system actually features the sleep mode function.

R4i system or card usually has 100 % compatibility for playing the variety of console games.

It is also featured with the real time.

Some other important functions of R4i card:

One of the most significant functions of the R4i card or system is that it gives the greater support to the multi-languages such as Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Dutch English and German.

At the same time, it will give the greater support to the different types of SDHC micro SD cards such as 32 GB, 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB. According to the memory requirements of the players, you can purchase anyone of these kinds of memory to store the games and any other things.

Both Fat32 and Fat16 are supported to this system and the files can be easily transferred by the PDA, PC, Camera and also mobile phones.

R4i system has an excellent capability to recognize the new console games save on the micro SD card and it will not actually require database updates.

Similarly, r4i card is completely integrated with the latest beta version of the Moonshell 2.0 and also the home brew.

It greatly supports the game play of any download games on the existing memory space.

Both IDS and NDS games are supported by this R4i console gaming card.

Lipotropic Injections

Are you sick and tired of the conventional way of losing weight? If yes, join the bandwagon as we explore this amazing treatment that truly works. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that what you need to get rid of those pesky pounds is the replenishment of vital vitamins and minerals your body is lacking. This now leads us to lipotropic injections.

What Exactly Are Lipotropic Injections?

In simple terms, lipotropics are substances that help break down fat so it can be removed from the body through your waste. Lipotropic injections are a class of agents known as amino acids which contain a high dose of essential nutrients such as methionine, amino acids, inositol, vitamin B6, B12, choline as well as other vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight. These nutrients are used to support the removal of fat from the liver and to ensure that excessive fat is burned and used for energy instead of being stored in the body.

In essence, a lipotropic substance speeds up the removal of fat in the liver. In case you don’t know, lipo= fat and tropic= stimulate, more at http://www.lipotropic-injections.com/.

Lipotropic injections are sure to be an excellent tool which can enhance the weight loss efforts of those that need help in getting the perfect body they desire. In essence, lipo shots are ideal for people that are already on the weight loss journey but find that diet and exercise are not enough to break past the weight loss plateau. So, by adding lipotropics to your present weight loss regimen, you could shed an extra pound every week!

It’s noteworthy to mention that without these lipotropic nutrients, fat and bile can build up in the liver and this can cause other health issues such as cirrhosis, liver failure, and metabolic problems.

The trapped fat and bile can also slow down the body’s metabolic rate, and even worse, it can block the fat metabolism altogether. This can inadvertently wreak havoc on the body and organs because the natural fat-burning has been interrupted. With this discovery, it evident why it’s tough to get rid of the fat, and why diet and exercise just don’t get the job done.


If you have been trying to get pregnant for years and have not been succeeding in your attempts, the lower levels of HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin in your body could be a strong reason behind it. While many people tend to blame lifestyle patterns and genetic disorders to be the main culprits behind the high rate of infertility in women, the fact is that hormonal imbalances are one of the major reason behind the high rate of infertility in women in the country.

Understanding what is HCG

HCG which is the abbreviated form of Human chorionic gonadotropin is actually a hormone which is found in both males and females. While the hormone is responsible for improving the sperm count and production of testosterone in males, in females this is responsible for the stimulation and release of the egg during the period of ovulation. Thus to treat cases of female infertility, doctors prescribe the usage of HCG injections that elevates the levels of HCG hormone in the body thereby causing the woman’s ability to ovulate and conceive increase manifolds.

Thus, by taking the HCG injections, a woman who had not been able to conceive for years can increase the chances of conceiving provided there is no additional complication that has been causing the infertility

How to take HCG injections

HCG injections are taken into the muscle or under the skin. It is wise that you do not try self injecting yourself with these injections and should be seeking expert support in doing so. Your doctor or the local pharmacist would be able to help you with the injections. Ideal dosage of the injection would be once or twice a week, however, the same would be decided by your doctor depending on your health and criticality your condition.

Things to be aware of

As you start the course of taking HCG injections, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to that and tell him if you have any of the below mentioned conditions where you

  • Suffer from any chronic allergy
  • Suffer from periodic seizures
  • Suffer from migraine pains
  • Have a chronic problem with asthma
  • Have any cardiac or kidney related disease
  • Have a cyst in the ovary
  • Enter into puberty early

There are certain conditions that do not recommend the usage of HCG injections and if your doctor finds it suitable for your overall health only then will he prescribe the injections to you.

Apart from using the injections, increasing the levels of HCG in human body can also be done by means of drops. However, studies show that the usage of HCG shots have given far better results and that is why this is the preferred mode for most doctors and medical practitioners in the country and round the world. With very limited side effects, the HCG injection opens the gate to the world of motherhood for the women as she gets pregnant after years of trying. The injections do not come at very expensive rates and usually would cost you nothing more than $200 a month depending on the dosage as prescribed by your doctor.

New Games Coming to Nintendo Next Year

In the E3 convention, there are a lot of signs that Nintendo is going to look good in the coming years.

The biggest rumored game console, the Nintendo NX, will unfortunately not be disclosed in the E3 convention but there are still a lot of things to look forward to heading to 2017.

The Nintendo NX will surely be released next year but there are still no new games announced heading to the E3 2016 event. But, during the convention, a lot of companies are already making games for the upcoming Nintendo game console.

Ubisoft just announced that they are going to release a Just Dance game for the Nintendo NX that will be slated to release when the game console comes.

The game will be called “Just Dance 2017” and it has some of the best pop soundtracks in it. Some of the soundtracks in the game are Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Sorry”; Fifth Harmony’s “Worth it”; Equinox Stars’ “September”; Ultraclub 90’s “What is Love?”, and so much more!

According to Ubisoft, Just Dance 2017 will have 40 soundtracks available in the base game and there will be a lot of updates to it and they will add more soundtracks in the future.

There is another game that made fans giddy in the E3 2016 event and that is the Monster Hunter Generations: Astalos. This is an entirely new game and it will be available on the Nintendo 3DS.

Capcom is mum about the details but they did show a trailer of the game in the event. The game looks promising and the graphics look stunning. It also showcased some of the new weapons and armor that can be crafted in the game.

Monster Hunter is one of the best adventure games out there because of its emphasis on crafted gear. A lot of people have put on a lot of hours just to hunt for specific monsters and getting the materials necessary for crafting some really powerful equipment.

Capcom didn’t disclose when the game will be released. It could either be released later this year or next year (probably when the new Nintendo NX game console will be released). I guess we will have to stay tuned for more updates in the future.

And the current headlines when it comes to Nintendo’s new games is none other than the Legend of Zelda game. The new Legend of Zelda game will be spearheading the pack when the Nintendo NX game console will be finally released in March 2017.

The title of the Legend of Zelda game was still not disclosed but Nintendo gave us a glimpse of the game. The game is a crossover between cell-shaded and 3D graphics. For me, I am always a fan of cell-shaded graphics because it just looks absolutely amazing. And, it will really complement a game like Legend of Zelda.

The new Legend of Zelda game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U and the new Nintendo NX game console in 2017.

E3 2016 is still running and we are hoping for more incredible news from the entertainment company.

hCG Diet Slow Roasted Beef Brisket

For me, nothing beats foods that are slow-cooked. Slow-cooked foods are always packed with flavor. I never had any slow-cooked meal that tastes bland or lacks in flavor; all of them are amazingly delicious (the kind of delicious that makes you say “Yowza!”)

If you’re on the hCG diet, you’re probably thinking that you are not allowed to eat any slow-cooked meals. You see, most slow-cooked meals, although packed with a lot of flavors, are also packed with unwanted fats and calories.

It is understandable to think that way because slow-cooked foods, at least, those that are not prepared well, do have a lot of unwanted fats and calories.

But in this article, I am going to share with you a recipe for a slow-cooked meal that is guaranteed to be safe to consume even when you’re in phase 2 or phase 3 of the diet.

The recipe I am talking about is none other than the hCG Diet Slow Roasted Beef Brisket. Beef Brisket is a cut of beef that is a little bit tough, that is why slow cooking is the way to go to ensure that the flavor is there.

But, as previously mentioned, a lot of people do not like slow cooked meals, especially of any cut of beef, because of the fear that it has way too many fats and calories. But do not worry! This recipe is very safe, although, you need to invest a lot of time to cook this meal. But I assure you, it is not only flavor but it is very safe to consume regardless if you’re on the hCG diet or not.

So, without further ado, here are the ingredients that you will need:

  • 100g Lean beef brisket
  • 4-6 stalks celery
  • 1 Tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp onion powder
  • 1 Tbsp paprika
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic crushed and chopped
  • Cayenne pepper to taste
  • Chili pepper to taste
  • Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste


  1. Combine all of the spices in a bowl.
  2. Rub the spice mixture into the beef, making sure that the spice is well incorporated into the beef.
  3. Salt the beef as much as you can to ensure flavor.
  4. Place the beef in a crock pot and fill it with water until half of the pot is filled.
  5. Add the celery to the water and set the crock pot on high setting for 30 minutes.
  6. After 30 minutes of cooking, reduce the heat to low and allow the beef to cook for 6-8 hours (if you’re like me, I’d cook it for 8 hours to ensure maximum flavor).
  7. Baste and turn the brisket in one-hour intervals.
  8. If you want the beef to be a bit spicier, you can add a little bit more of the spice mixture if you so desire.
  9. During the cooking process, fat juices may drip off the beef, in this case, you may want to save some for future use. You can skim the fat and make amazing gravies out of them, but that is not in the scope of this recipe.
  10. After cooking for 8 hours, put it in a dish and serve it with Horseradish sauce. Enjoy!

The hCG Diet Slow Roasted Beef Brisket is a very flavorful meal and it is safe to consume even when you’re on phase 2 of the hCG diet. The entire dish only has 200 calories tops and it can serve as your protein requirement for the day.

hCG Diet Miracle Noodle Spaghetti

One of my favorite foods is spaghetti or pasta. I just love the dish because you can pretty much add whatever sauce you fancy.

If you’re on the hCG diet where you are limited to only a few calories, it can be hard to create a dish that is suited for the diet. Many people veer away from diets because of the fact that flavor is compromised to minimize the calorie intake.

Fortunately, there are a lot of kind people who share amazingly delicious recipes that are proven safe to be consumed, even while you’re on phase 2 or phase 3 of the hCG diet.

In this article, I will share with you an amazing spaghetti recipe called the “hCG Diet Miracle Noodle Spaghetti”. If you do not know what miracle noodles are, these are noodles that look gelatinous and are the preferred substitute when you want a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate noodles.

Also known as Shirataki noodles, the miracle noodles are easy to prepare. You basically have to rinse them with tap water first to release some of its starch. After that, you’re ready to cook them.

If you’re wondering where you can get a hold of some miracle noodles, you can buy them online from hCG diet stores. They are cheap and they are guaranteed to be safe to consume when you’re on the hCG diet.

So, what are the ingredients that you need to cook the hCG Diet Miracle Noodle Spaghetti? Here they are:

  • 7 oz. bag of HCG Phase 3 Safe Miracle Noodles
  • 16 oz. of Ground Beef
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 16 oz. Canned Tomato Sauce
  • 3 Tablespoon Onion, diced
  • 1 clove Garlic, minced
  • 2 Teaspoon of Dried Oregano
  • 2 Fresh Basil Leaves, chopped
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Pepper
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Salt


  1. The first thing you need to do is prepare the miracle noodles. You prepare them by running tap water on them to remove the starchiness of it.
  2. Next, put the olive oil in a non-stick pan and then add the garlic and onion.
  3. Once both the garlic and onion are a little bit soft, add the beef. Make sure to mix the beef well in the pan so that it will be easier to eat later.
  4. Get a pot and add the spices and the tomato sauce. Mix the spices and the sauce together to create the perfect sauce.
  5. After the beef is browned, dump it into the pot.
  6. Cover the pot and let the beef cook for another 6-8 mins over medium heat.
  7. Prepare the noodles on the serving dish and just pour the beef and tomato sauce mixture on top. Serve and Enjoy!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t include the part where you cook the miracle noodles. You see, the miracle noodles really don’t require any cooking at all. You just have to run them with tap water and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for a great and simple spaghetti dish while you’re on the hCG diet, then you have to try the hCG Diet Miracle Noodle Spaghetti recipe.

The Different Phases of the hCG Diet

There is no question that hCG diet is one of the most popular diets around. It does have its fair share of critics, but most people abide by the weight-loss powers the hCG diet has.

This diet is very powerful and effective that even the famous Dr. Oz featured the diet on his popular television show. Now, a lot of confusion has sprung about regarding the hCG diet, and I am here to eliminate that.

For the hCG diet to work, you need to do some important things in different phases. Here are the phases of the hCG diet that you should be aware of:

  1. Preparatory/Loading Phase– This is the first phase of the hCG diet. What you’ll need to do in this phase is to rid your body of toxins. Pre-packaged foods nowadays have become popular, but they also deliver harmful toxins in the body. It is also important to note on the preparatory stage that you need to consume copious amounts of water to flush out the toxins in your body.
  2. Strict 500-Calorie Diet Phase- This is where it’s going to get really tough for people. 500 calories per day is not enough, and most people don’t like to entertain the thought. But, this is a very crucial stage of the diet. Also, you need to eliminate all the supplements you’ve been taking for the last couple of months or years. This is to ensure that there will no problems when you are injected with the hCG hormone. If you experience weakness or low energy levels eat foods that are rich in Magnesium and Potassium. You can also use supplements that contain these two vital vitamins, but nothing else.
  3. Stabilization Phase- This is the phase where the hCG hormone is introduced to your body through hCG shots. Couple that with the 500-calorie diet, you should take the hCG shots up to 6 weeks depending on your program. It is also important to consult a physician regarding hCG dieting so that they can create a suitable plan of action for you.
  4. Maintenance Phase- This stage marks the end of the hCG diet, and you can now eat healthy foods back to the 1500-1800 calorie range. Also, you can take supplements again during the maintenance phase as you may have lost a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals during phase 2 and 3.

hcgProper knowledge about the hCG diet is critical if you want to try it. Also, make sure to get your hCG shots only from a licensed physician, as they are the only ones allowed by law to administer these.

Furthermore, phase 2 and phase 3 can be quite grueling for many people. But, these two phases are the most important ones because they bring the bulk of the results, and these phases are responsible for making the hCG diet popular among many people.

So, if you want to try out hCG dieting, consult your physician so he can guide you through the process.